Nemesis Network 2022 Roadmap: Together, We Build the Future

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9 min readJan 26, 2022

Nemesis DAO went online more than two months ago, resulting in one of the most enriching and eventful phases of our journey so far. We are extremely grateful to be working with such an engaged and supportive community.

In a short time, NMS has become one of the fastest-adopted tokens on the BSC and one of the largest DeFi 2.0 projects in the entire crypto space.

This article introduces the details behind Nemesis Network and its 2022 Roadmap. But before we get there, we need some context around the primary issues DeFi 2.0 projects encounter and the lessons we can learn from previous operations. Then, we’ll dive into our plans for developing the initial protocol further while building an entirely new ecosystem around it.

The Problem with DeFi 2.0 and Lessons We Can Learn

The primary driver behind the DeFi 2.0 rush was its high APY that attracted crypto enthusiasts and investors en-masse. However, it later became apparent that sustaining a stable price floor was virtually impossible, indicating that the proclaimed APYs were magnified and largely optimistic estimates.

While high-reward, epoch-based staking mechanisms proved unavailing, the second option for minting new tokens on the protocol, i.e., bonding, solved a vital problem for DeFi protocols. Instead of using the liquidity from a DEX, protocols were now able to own their liquidity and stack up various stable coins in their treasuries for further treasury innovations. Unfortunately, many projects exploited this either directly by rugging the funds or indirectly by transferring them out of the blockchain for fictional investment purposes.

Theoretical backing prices also caused a massive loss of trust in DAO projects. Since there was no automatic buyback process, almost all of the projects traded below their backing price at some point. This issue also challenged the positive impact of the bonding mechanism. Justifiably, why would one mint new tokens if not for stronger LP or maintaining the actual backing price?

NEMESIS PRO: Our Solution Bundle for DeFi 2.0

We understand the major problems plaguing DeFi, and we know how to solve them. Technically, we do not anticipate that addressing fixing will pose a significant challenge as it is fairly straightforward. However, complexity arises when designing a solution that incorporates three essentials. The ideal protocol should:

  • Preserve its high-reward nature
  • Maintain a strong price floor, and
  • Perpetually increaseing protocol value.

This is the core challenge we intend to solve in 2022.

The first problem to address will be the current staking mechanism whose solution will involve redesigning standard epoch mechanics and rewards. Nemesis PRO will have an epoch timer of 1 Hour, and the 5-Day ROI rate will fluctuate at around 5%.

However, to encourage extended staking periods, Random Golden Epochs and Consecutive Golden Epochs will start to show up, offering boosted epoch rewards, thus increasing the 5-DAY ROI up to 8%.

Traditional bonding will be evolved into hyperstaking (4, 4), and a new set of bonds will be added. In addition, hyperstaking’s 5-DAY ROI will be constantly adjusted according to the Nemesis Network’s new supply control policy.

Furthermore, external reinforcing policies and supporting systems will be implemented, such as the Automated Buyback and Burn System. However, NMS token’s main value driver will be the Nemesis Fund, detailed later in this post.

More details regarding Nemesis PRO will be released in February. For now, we will return to our main topic.

NEMESIS NETWORK: Together, We Build the Future

Mission: To build one of the most secure, rewarding, and expansive decentralized application ecosystems with the vision of becoming a world-leading blockchain ecosystem, offering every user a fair opportunity while providing a safe environment free from rugs and other wrongdoings.

To us, being a leading ecosystem means an unwavering dedication to preserving ethical values, constantly providing utility-driven developments, offering innovative treasury growth strategies and loyalty reward programs, and continuously innovating to discover the most effective marketing approaches, thus driving limitless adoption.

Our approach to transition into a top-tier organizational structure will prioritize strategy before structure. First, we will clearly identify and establish what needs to be done and how to achieve it. Only then will we build out the tools, people, and systems to maximize our collective success.

We will also adopt a more transparent monetary policy and start to release monthly financial reports by February. This is essential because being a genuinely transparent DAO means that investors should be able to monitor our new supply control policy.

Vision and Mission Statement of Nemesis Network and the Highly Anticipated Development Release Schedule


The Nemesis Fund is allocated to implement the new organizational structure, develop upcoming products, and support team expansion while serving as the backbone of the new supply control policy.

In Q1 2022, Nemesis Network will release two new products. The first will be Angel Nodes, launching in a few days.

Angel Nodes will possess a dedicated treasury called the Arch Treasury. While its unique DAO governance system will govern at least 70% of its holdings, 30% of the non-LP holdings will be sent to the Nemesis Fund every month. The schema below explains fund acquisition mechanics and the allocation plan for collected funds during Q1 2022.

The mechanics may be readjusted in Q2 as the Nemesis Network’s needs evolve. For example, an AngeL-BNB LP Bond, or AngeL Bond, may be introduced on Nemesis PRO. In return, the Arch Treasury may start burning more NMS.

Another potential scenario is that NFT Boxes may unfold a new NFT variant that will buy back and burn the AngeL tokens from the LP, resulting in a steep rise in AngeL token value. Yet, fewer funds may be needed to maintain the Nemesis Fund separate from the Arch Treasury.

To summarize, the Nemesis Fund will be responsible for reallocating a percentage of its resources to achieve monetary balance within the network. Additionally, it will maintain the loyalty reward plexus between different protocols.


We have already disclosed some information regarding Q1 product releases. More details regarding unreleased products will be published in the order below:

  • Angel Nodes
  • Nemesis Pro
  • Nemesis NFT Zone
  • NFT Box Openings
  • NFT Staking + Farming Protocols
  • NFT Marketplace with Custom Tokens
  • Cross-Chain Integration (Details soon!)
  • New Mining, Staking, and Farming Protocols
  • Various Capital-Oriented Operation Games
  • Implementation of Tier-Based Loyalty Mining
  • Nemesis Clubhouse: Luck- and Roll-Based Games
  • Nemesis Lottery and similar Multi-User Competitive Games
  • Algorithmic Stable-Coin (potentially release in an earlier quarter)

The decentralized application space is constantly evolving, frequently opening up new opportunities for investors. We will not hesitate to swiftly leverage such developments to maximize the benefits our loyal holders receive. This means that unreleased products may be shaped according to the ever-changing dApp landscape for the common good of the Nemesis community. Should such adjustments be deemed necessary, we will promptly notify the community so our members can re-evaluate their positions and adjust fund allocations for upcoming releases accordingly.


Q1-Q2 Community Growth and Outreach Steps:

In addition to new product development, the first half of 2022 will focus heavily on enhancing overall user experience and providing a broader content base.

We understand the importance and value of a strong community. Thus, establishing meaningful and lasting relationships with community members is critical to Nemesis Network’s long-term health. We are deeply committed to supporting and empowering our members to succeed every step of the way — your success is inextricably linked to ours.

Our comprehensive marketing plan has been developed to maximize focused exposure by leveraging time-tested marketing strategies within conventional outreach channels. The plan below outlines steps we will take to both increase brand awareness and maintain a relationship with our existing community members and holders.

SEO-Driven Content Marketing

A primary focus in Q1 and Q2, SEO-driven content marketing will aim to maximize reach and introduce content to new audiences. To facilitate the success of our content strategy, we will consistently:

  • Publish new blog posts on our Medium page
  • Make press releases on news outlets, and
  • Send weekly email newsletters

To ensure our growth trajectory meets expectations, dedicated SEO experts will optimize all released content for improved search engine conversion rates before any of it is posted to our outreach channels. While traffic makes for nice numbers to look at, a conversion-oriented strategy more effectively delivers results.

Nemesis Network is a long-term project. With that in mind, an emphasis on SEO will provide a baseline internet presence that will only build upon itself as the years pass. It takes time to rank on search engines, so these results will be evident within 3–6 months. Hence, the sooner we initiate, the quicker we benefit.

Social Media Marketing

Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Altcointalk are other areas that we will focus on in this period. In addition to content managers specifically hired for managing our presence on these platforms, all team members, including Drex and I, will occasionally post updates and communications.

As we continue doing internal AMAs with our community, we will also begin external AMA sessions to generate more exposure. AMA sessions on external platforms are the modern way to communicate and describe our project to potential new investors.

We believe Reddit outreach will be very effective because the DeFi community spends a significant amount of time in related subreddits. Furthermore, Bitcointalk and Altcointalk are among the largest online communities for crypto project discussions. They are high-traffic websites where news and updates reach a massively interested and engaged userbase.

Of course, this social media plan would not be complete without including our approach for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Here, our content will be incorporate an in-depth #hashtag strategy to maximize exposure. In addition, official videos such as tutorials, how-to guides, promo updates, and other related content videos will be posted on both YouTube and Tiktok to reach the next generation.

Newsletters and Email Campaigns

Weekly email newsletters will also play an essential role in developing and maintaining relationships with existing and potential clients. These newsletters will inform the community about the latest updates, announce events and contests, and share marketing materials for the respective week.

In addition to these newsletter updates, we also believe email marketing will significantly improve our capacity to onboard prospective clients. It is a proven, cost-effective strategy that increases the probability of favorable decisions when implemented well through engaging content.

Brand Identity

We have already started building up Nemesis Network’s new brand identity, from its entire visual appearance right down to the typography we use in our marketing campaigns to connect with our investors on an emotional level. Our new brand expression will be designed to encourage customer loyalty and increase brand awareness and recognition, which, over time, develops trust.

Sub-Marketing Teams

Finally, we are forming new sub-marketing teams that will focus on the consistent maintenance of specific marketing areas. These sub-teams will handle all communications during negotiations, strategically plan campaigns, and finalize deals.

Some examples of the newly added sub-teams are the Inbound Marketing Team, DEX/CEX Partnership + Negotiation Team, and Asian Markets Exposure Team. They will significantly boost the effectiveness of our execution and our total exposure capacity, enabling us to reach previously untouched local communities.

Other sub-marketing teams will focus on creating content such as blog posts, articles, guides, newsletters, videos, etc, which they will cross-post and optimize across different social media channels to generate more visibility, improve conversion rates, and maintain pay-per-click banner ad campaigns. They will also post listings on voting sites and continuously update all relevant data.

To conclude, we will be highly engaged in all these activities until July. We believe these are the fundamental and essential bases to cover to elevate Nemesis Network’s marketing strategy.

Thank you, keep rolling your stakes, and don’t forget to fasten your seatbelts. Nemesis Network is just beginning to take off!