Nemesis Family AMA #2 Completed!

Nemesis PRO
14 min readFeb 4, 2022

Once again a very constructive family AMA session was hosted on our Discord channel on 3rd of February and all of the questions were answered by the team members. It was a great opportunity to engage with our community, to clear the fog on investors’ minds and to give a solid idea of the vision of the team & what the future holds.

Questions & Answers

Q: Hi team. Since the end of December, the DAOs have been suffering a lot, inflation has been a big problem, but we still have time to fight it and reinvent ourselves. Our roadmap proposes solutions to make it deflationary, big enough to be forked by our competitors. How long do you think that status will take and what Nemesis Pro innovations will set us apart from the rest? Thank you in advance for creating such an exciting ecosystem.

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): All DAO projects proved that such yields are not sustainable. In any way.. This kind of staking model needs to be supported by external protocols so it can indeed become a deflationary model. That’s why we are building a whole ecosystem around it. By doing so we will have a massive chance to increase our marketing effectiveness and conversions because as you know different type of protocols have different type of investor profiles. Coming to your question about the competitors forking our projects. It does not really matter because achieving true success comes with the composition of: Sustainability, Integrity, Presenting Continuous Innovations, Effective Marketing and of course building a good team. Sadly, Blockchain projects most of the time fail to achieve such composition therefore die in short time. That’s why all of our competitors are already dead and we are still here.

Q: In addition to the influencers from Asia and the Americas, do you have any other strategy that allows you to have greater marketing for the income of new investors to nemesis and especially for the new product (Angel Nodes)? Have you thought about marketing in Latin America/Spain? This could also be useful for the growth of the project. I know Spanish-speaking influencers with a favorable conversion rate due to the number of visits per video.

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Hello Arque, yes influencers are one part of marketing campaign. Exposure is effective when all marketing channels work at the same time. These include presence on different audiences such as twitter, forums, telegram and discord investor groups, content marketing on press releases email marketing etc. all these are aimed to reach different audiences for best outreach. But this is only the half side of marketing, the other half is conversion rate part, which should be very carefully managed, your communication, the atmosphere on Discord, Telegram, the website, all these should be well optimized by experts. Our 6-month marketing schedule is aimed to complete all milestones there to be ready for big investments. This mentality is same and will be handled on Angel as well. To summarize the marketing steps for Angel is basically 1st week will be consisting of banner ad setups, listings, social profile page marketing like hashtags etc., medium page, TG and Discord soft exposures, then right after CMC and CG listings arrives, influencer will start reviewing and promoting from both Twitter and YouTube with press release publishments, forum and reddit campaigns, SEO optimized content marketing will be maintained in 1st month.

Regarding Latin America communities, yes I really would like to see the outcome of exposure there as Spanish is 2nd or 3rd most used language after English and Chinese I suppose, yes, once we got some feedback from Asian marketing steps we used, with more experience, definitely we will focus and use better strategy on Latin America region surely. Hope I answered all 😊

Q: Do you think AngeL Nodes will be able to provide a sustainable model for the long run? What other non-demand driven treasury growth methods are planned, e.g., investments, validator nodes, or anything else?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Well. Most of the Node projects are already dead so that’s why we presented a different kind node model. As you already saw the metrics of the Angel protocol, our yields are much reasonable and in case on downtrends we have many measures to decelerate it. Also, don’t forget all of the future Nemesis Network updates and utility-based releases will keep continue feeding previous protocols.

Regarding treasury growth methods, making treasury innovations will be our main focus during 2022 and the NMS will be the treasury governance token while we are making such innovations.

Q: Hello Drex, “since we promise to ensure more benefits to “Round 2” participants and since they truly showed their support during the times needed, they will be fully compensated and 100% of their NMS buy order will be airdropped to their wallets.” Thank you for the new product and I’m in the WL2 list, may I know when would I expect to receive the airdrop for WL2? Also, I plan to transfer my angel coin to the wallet just for the nodes, will those transfer impact my airdrop? Thanks.

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Within couple days WL2 will receive their airdrops. You are free to move, sell or buy more tokens at this moment.

Q: How many times can we use a booster code for one wallet? For instance if I have 10 buddies, can get use 10 codes? And receive 60 tokens?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): You get 3 booster slots for each Nemesis Node, that means if you have 100 Nemesis Node on your wallet you will have a chance to get maximum of 300 yield boosters.

Q: Is there a plan to include addition team members or people that are in close contact with the team which sole purpose is to relay information to the community whenever we have news, problems, roadblocks, achievements, partnerships regarding the robust roadmap? Congrats on an amazing roadmap btw!!!

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Hello Eg, yes of course, big team = more capacity and effective usage of time, we already hired with needs but finding people with knowhow is a bit difficult so we got in touch with solid marketing agencies and trying each of them with services we lack of. So far, we did collaborated with 8–9 agencies, some of them do really quality work, some do at between, so we are currently discovering which services are done well with agencies and which areas should be managed by hired team members. Recently we have given tasks to 13 content writers, 2 of them from our community that I feel they will bring the best written content as they have the experience from the launch and experience is everything to pass the story at maximum attractiveness. For Asian market side, I did contact with my colleague from previous company at real life, he is China and Japan area manager, knows both languages, hopefully once he joins, he will manage and work with marketing agencies for outreach there, he can get 3–4 assistants from local countries there for more effectiveness. We will see how it goes and manage the exposure with experience. We also hired Dex/Cex contact as well, he is already in contact with all exchanges and getting necessary information and creating relations with each of them. Once content materials increase and exposed on different audiences and website is also optimized with rich content archives, I believe our team would be much bigger on that stage, also Roadmap has some insights about this team expansion, but this is the general mentality I am having regarding this area.

Q: Is Nemesis open to receiving funds from Venture Capital companies?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): They can open bep20 wallets and invest on our governance token if they like. I’m not fan of out-of-blockchain enterprises to be honest 😄 But if the community decides to take any step on that direction, it will be up to DAO governance decision.

Q: With the feedback on investors feeling like there is a lack of communication, how about doing a mini ama- hosted by the mods every two weeks where people could submit questions to you (the dev team) and then the mods could report those answers back at the mini ama. It could be called community talk

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): That’s a great suggestion, yep let’s proceed this right away. Our mod team will take care surely and give the updates soon 😊

Q: 1. Considering market conditions, being listed in top CEX seems like a good move in order get more investors attention, are we looking in to that direction?

2. Investing part of a treasury to do a R&D on innovative MetaVerse project would be a good investment. For instance, provide clothing, vehicles, lands with real world trademarks affiliations potentially with a NFT model for metaverse could be a billion-dollar market. Can we look in to something like that?

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Hello Neo, Cex and Dex availability is very important and yes once all pre-transformation stage is placed, I mean core marketing roadmap milestones are once completed, the conversion rate of exposure we create will be much higher, currently we are lacking this at the moment but I believe my team will complete all steps there earlier, in 3–4 months hopefully. Regarding Metaverse, its already very trending on blockchain universe recently and received huge investments so some of them looks like will stay on the market for very long time and some will surely drive the all metaverse innovations/achievements. With partnerships that will increase NMS usage and demand with these Metaverse platforms and burn the NMS supply with purchased items such as ticket costs revenues from NFTs, or retail merchandise sales etc. will definitely be lift to anti-inflation tools Nemesis will use. For example, what about placing Nemesis ATM machines on crowded Metaverse areas where people can participate on Nemesis products with easy and fast way with their earned metaverse or play2earn coins, this is just an example came to my mind, but definitely, partnerships with trending crypto projects surely will be coming and will back our Nemesis products with increasing burn tools for NMS supply and will open huge investment communities to Nemesis. But first initial steps should be completed for max effectiveness. 😊

Q: 1. We are fully aware of the enormous time constraints that you both have making all our dreams come true. The mods have been doing an outstanding job in the Discord combating FUD and keeping positivity. Nevertheless, every time Drex and Arwand make an appearance, albeit brief, the entire mood of the discord changes to overwhelming trust and belief. Drex/Arwand, would it be possible to make an appearance, even if just for 3 minutes a day, to the Discord? Sometimes we don’t hear from you in days — understandable, but your presence makes an enormous impact. Thank you for all you do.

2. Is Nemesis Pro still tracking for a February release, or is it more realistic to expect it in early March?

3. Do you have an Icey update?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): As the projects get bigger, our responsibilities and the pressure on us gets broader. We are also learning to manage it, we are getting capable day by day and we are always trying to be as conservative as possible while reflecting such problems to your side. However, in the end of the day we will always be open and honest about the challenges we had and explain what we are doing to overcome such problems.

Personally, i am trying to make a mini-ama at least 2 times a week on discord but yeah, I will try to make an appearance every day or every other day to maintain that trust within the community.

We will challenge ourselves to present NMS PRO by the end of February but in case any unexpected situation pops up it will be released on early March latest.

Icey the thief, spends enormous time to make FUD on us (like he’s not the one who stole people’s money :D) but that’s probably because he knows we are going to get him eventually. We have allocated good funds for this issue and we have competent professionals going after him but as you know it’s a legal process so we will be able to update you when our advisors tell us to do so.

Q: We have discussed lots about outreach to gain more members and investors, what steps are being taken internally to communicate better with the existing community?

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Hello Ret, regarding internal communication, medium blog posts, weekly email newsletter, YouTube & TikTok Nemesis Academy videos are three core platforms we will focus on. Social media profiles will also help at the background to be updated with latest news, Facebook and Instagram pages are coming very soon as well already found the colleagues we will work with there. So, once all these departments/teams are working smoothly, in the end, I will find more time to spend on chats, writing posts, make researching etc. With all honesty, finding right team members is taking some time, you need to be sure they can handle well and add value to the project with his expertise, but we are doing good job already, I am very happy with newly hired team members, they are showing me things I never heard of so yes soon we will be bigger team, and communication will be managed from several channels by experts, hopefully our members will like the level at that stage. 😊

Q: When marketing campaign for Angel will get started?

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Once everything working well and have the greenlight from Drex, my team will proceed immediately. By the way, graphical materials already ordered and will be ready soon, so preparations already started 😊

Q: How do you plan to manage preventing developers and team members from burnout given the amount of work you guys have been putting in day in and day out? In my experience team members’ burnouts can be a real issue in high functioning engineering teams.

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Hey Sbilla, yes sometimes it feels overloaded but in the end, Nemesis is like my child, huge time and effort is given, spending more of my daily time on Nemesis comparing to my family but its very fast paced universe and things can change in 24h, so I liked the adrenaline here. To lower the risk of burnout, team members should be increased for each area so all department teams can handle their areas automatically without our confirmations by that time, burnout risk will be balanced on team equally. Working on that end 😊

DREX (lead dev/CTO): Thank you for bringing this out. Yes, we do burnout but our community always shows massive support when they feel that’s the case.

Arwand Madison (CMO): Yes, forgot to state, many thanks to our awesome community, you guys are the reason our family came to this level, letting everyone see the future brighter, giving great encouragement to move much further successes, in the end together we will drive the future guys, thank you 😊 🙏❤️

Q: Would you all have any interest in adding a “customer support” section so that questions and issues can be easily addressed and not lost in chat like I see happen a lot. Where you would have to create a support ticket linked to you. Too often the question and help channel just turns into more ranting and random Convo like gen chat.

A: Arwand Madison (CMO): Hello Kabba, yes absolutely, we will announce the support contact very soon, its already discussed and will be coming soon. Couldn’t focus that this week, but well noted again, will share the name very soon. He will give assistance from email, but also will support from TG and Discord by DMs coming for support. 😊

Q: What is going to happen when all AngeL Node reward reserves are distributed?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): I know this topic can’t remain open until I leave here today 😄 because that was the first question I wondered while looking into node protocols. First of all, it will take too much time to finish all the reserves because as you know you can’t get back the initial when you buy a node and 70% of it goes back to reward reserves. The main challenge here not seems to be the depleting reserves but people losing interest to the protocol. We could have made the total supply 100M instead of 10M but since these nodes are “ever-paying staking tools” it would be too unfair for the newcomers. So instead, we provided a healthy life-time to the game. Let’s say couple years or whenever our community says the time has come, we will make a soft-migration to a new kind of upgraded node game with node migrations and also limited whitelist spots again.

Q: What is the healthiest for the protocol in angel nodes? Is it healthier for the protocol to hold profits to upgrade or take angel as profits for lower tier nodes? Thank you, friends!

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Guys please don’t go heavy on one strategy. First of all, there are many variables that could throw you on the other side of the road. Try to emphasize more than one strategy.

Q: Is getting NMS back to backing price one major plan?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Yes, after AngeL Nodes is completely ready and after the initial marketing phases are completed. We will focus on that.

Q: Do you think it would be a good idea for Nemesis DAO to be to go cross chain to other popular EVM compatible chains like fantom, avalanche, etc. Do you think that could bring in a fresh and diverse group of investors into the project?

The blockchain-layman in me thinks that taking a project from one EVM-compatible chain to another should not be the most difficult thing to achieve, and if this were to be true going cross chain could potentially present the best opportunity for Nemesis DAO in terms of the (growth-potential/development-efforts) ratio. Also, there aren’t a lot of other Olympus DAO forks that are cross chain ATM, so it could be great for Nemesis DAO to be the frontrunner in this aspect as well, other than Certik: this could also provide us with a good marketing tool — The first cross-chain Olympus DAO fork.

I am also open to the idea that going cross chain is perhaps not that easy (as I said, I am a layperson as far as Blockchains are concerned.) And, if this indeed is the case, I would love to get some insight on the matter from a Blockchain expert like Drex :)

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Moving to another chain is not a problem but cross-moving funds are. Someone presented another solution which is basically porting our wSNMS to other chains so the investors on other chains buys it and earn rebase rewards.

Please discuss this as we have not decided anything final. We can either go cross-chain or port the wrapped SNMS. Whichever is beneficial we can adapt DAO selected that approach.

Q: Sup guys! 2 fast questions:

1. For each node we will get an airdrop of 3 angels, but if we are currently upgrading this node (in the upgrading process) does it still count as a node? For example, if I buy 1 Angel node and upgrade it to Dark angel, would I get 3 angels airdrop?

2. When upgrading from an angel to another kind, we start getting more ROI but of which price? Like normal Angel gives 15% of 13, Dark angel gives 16% of 66, but upgrading normal Angel to Dark angel would make me get 16% of 66 or 16% of 13?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): 1. Yes of course. (it’s for each node buy)

2. You don’t get ROI while upgrading. Please read whitepaper.

Q: Hi Team, I think it’s amazing what you guys are building. Such cool work in this day and age. My question is regarding the APY. Are we really to believe the APY will fluctuate closely around 5% 5-day ROI permanently? What is your level of conviction on this claim in the medium article?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): I was either participating or advising such staking protocols during last 4 years. Daily 1% is somewhat achievable on blockchain with continuous innovations of course.

Q: Do you have future plans to integrate NMS token as utility in AngeL Nodes and/or future products? If yes, could you provide some possible usage as utility examples?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Providing utility could be direct or indirect. Direct example could be selling a node with NMS only.

Q: WL2 received a airdrop match for purchases, I know this didn’t sit well with lots of long time holders who have lost a lot. Is there any chance of rewards for those that have been invested long standing and qualified for WL1?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Yes, WL1 was just one of the many of the compensations that you will get in this journey.

Q: Are you guys planning to implement Angel Nodes to be sellable as an NFT in the foreseeable future? such as what Univ.Money and what RND are doing with their Node platform?

A: DREX (lead dev/CTO): Yes, we will implement NFT utilities both on Angel and NMS.