Moving to Multi-Signature Consensus — 29.12.2021

Enhancing Security Practices Further

Assignment of privileged roles to a multi-signature wallet has been completed. Ownerships and Managements of the contracts have been pushed to our Multi-Signature Wallet and a security policy asking 2/3 consensus for executing any function on the contracts has been set. This is primarily done in order to prevent a single point of failure due to the possible security breaches that may be encountered by deployer wallet.

📜 Multi-Sig: 0xD34eb44a78ff7d52CaCc876c4c8F7FC85004635B

☑️ Policy: 2/3 Consensus for any Transaction

👨‍👩‍👦 Policy Makers: 3 Team Members (Lead Dev, CMO, COO)

Multi-Sig wallets work similar to Shared Bank Vaults and helps to get rid of the security concerns with a single private key mechanism. It also reduces the dependency on one person thus making the decision-making process much more decentralized.



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