Moving Further Together: Roadmap To Success

Re-cap of first 2 weeks

2 Weeks have passed since Nemesis DAO went live and we sincerely thank our community for supporting us in this journey. Our team and our community were the most important building blocks in this success and if we continue to maintain this mentality together further growth is going to be inevitable.

Let me be clear about one thing, this protocol already proved that it is one of the most successful Defi protocols up to date and as long as (3,3) mentality is kept within the community and as long as correct marketing approaches are executed by the team there is no limit where this can go.

Do you consider getting to 10m mCAP is a success? Why not 100 Mil? or Billion? It’s already made by the same protocols and we know the recipe. That is a Strong Community + Strong Marketing.

🥇 Breaking the records and delivering its statements since Day 1, let me summarize what Nemesis DAO achieved so far:

  • 1M USD+ Trade Volume every day!
  • CMC and CG Listings on (Day 2)
  • 7M USD Market Cap (Day 12)
  • 5M USD Total Value Locked (Day 13)
  • Daily 3.5M USD Trade Volume (Day 13)
  • Team Burns reached 1.5M USD (Day 13)
  • 1,500 Stakers, 2000 Holders (Day 14)
  • 1.5M USD Total Liquidity (Day 14)
  • 1.5M USD Treasury Balance (Day 14)

In the meantime, such growth sparked a much bigger responsibility for the team. While maintaining their current deeds, the team members must take it further and contribute more if we are going to compete in the 10 Mils league and they are more than ready for this.

After a couple of meetings with the team, we made a priority list and our roadmap became clear for upcoming months.


⭐️ A New Website UI: New UI will be deployed soon. It will be faster, more responsive and you will be able to see the project metrics including “backing per NMS” without the need of connecting your wallet to the website. Legacy UI will also stay and “Runway” will be only available on the legacy part while “backing per NMS” will be only available on the new theme. You can always switch between them.

⭐️ The Audit Report: We have sent quotes to Certik, Hacken, Techrate, and all other reputable audit firms already. If we decide to work with Certik or Hacken, their price would be around 30k to 50k USD because we have 10 contracts deployed on the chain at the moment. Such amount can be only covered by Treasury and we are not in a position to decide that so it must be a DAO proposal or the majority of the holders has to agree. We will present our findings when we receive all quotes and then we will proceed.

⭐️ Exchange Listing: If we want to grow, we have to explore new seas. Reaching out to investors who are not using Metamask holds significant importance on our priority list. The team prepared a report that is comparing all central exchanges in terms of Alexa rankings, daily traffics, and monthly traffics. We already started the negotiations and as soon as negotiations are finalized we will inform you about how we are going to proceed.

⭐️ Partnerships: We are saving the right to release a new bond at the moment because we will use it for cutting partnership deals with major platforms. We already got partnership offers from a couple of platforms and they are under review. A Major Partnership is planned for mid-December and it will definitely make an impact.

⭐️ Buyback and Burns: Buyback and Burns will become a part of our weekly routines starting from December. 0% to 15% of Treasury Income will be allocated for the weekly “Buyback and Burn” event and the exact percentage will be decided by the community.

⭐️ New Contests and Events: In order to increase the user interaction in general, new events and contests will be made weekly therefore we are hiring an “Event/Contest Manager” at the moment. You can directly DM to me with your resume and together with an explanation of “what type of events/contests you can make” weekly.

Thank you for being a part of the Nemesis family, stay tuned, and keep rolling your stakes. 🚀

New highs are about to happen!!



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