Important Announcement from DREX!

Nemesis PRO
3 min readApr 1, 2022


We acknowledge there have been some delays and we are sorry for it however we are constantly coming up with better ideas for the future of Nemesis Network.
Initially, we started working on Nemesis PRO within the guidelines of our roadmap promises and while doing so, the so-called DeFi 3.0 protocols started to pop up. After some time, the TVL of these products across the crypto space became so massive, we couldn’t blink at the fact of the attention it drew.
Consequently, we started to prepare our own protocol with extra features.

You can see its details and its whitepaper from:

As of now, we are ready to launch it however the team just couldn’t feel totally comfortable with the unmerited advertising aspect of the DeFi 3.0 protocols in general when compared to the actual product. In other words, we are still unsure if we can put this product under Nemesis Ecosystem because of its volatile nature.

In the meantime, while we were about to finalize the Helena launch steps, we have come up with a brand-new game-changer concept for the current DAO Protocol, and we can truly call it the DeFi 3.PRO by Heart! This new concept also sits well with our 2022 Mission and Vision, and we know it will draw significant attention in the DeFi space. The new concept is destined to rock the NMS chart again to new highs and we just need around 2 weeks to totally settle our marketing content and other required preparations that are needed for the successful convection of the idea to potential investors.

This means if we go with the Nemesis 3.PRO now, it is going to be launched in Mid-April solid but if the community decides to release Helena Financial first, then the Nemesis 3.PRO will be released in the last week of April without further delays.

So, we are leaving it to our community to decide the next step for the Nemesis Network. The proposal will be created on April 1st, 12:00 UTC (roughly 13,5 hours after this announcement), and a snapshot will be taken during the creation of the proposal. While NMS, sNMS, AngeL tokens are going to grant you 1 voting power, the wSNMS will grant a voting power according to the “Current Index”. The voting will start after the snapshot immediately and will last 8 hours. The polls will be closed at 20:00 UTC. If the proposal passes in favor of Helena Financial launch, the previous whitelist spot holders + the wallets that have bought a node during the AngeL Genesis Month will get their Whitelist Spots without further tasks. (approx. 2000 wallets) and another 2000 Whitelist Spots will be distributed to the public with a 5 day long contest.

The Planned Timeline for Helena Financial

- 01 April, 22:00 UTC — Start of Whitelist Spot Contest for 2000 Lucky Winners
- 06 April, 16:00 UTC — End of Whitelist Spot Contest and Announcement of Winners
- 06 April, 18:00 UTC — Start of Presale (could end anytime if Hard Cap met)
- 08 April, 18:00 UTC — End of Presale and The Launch

If the proposal passes in favor of an early Nemesis PRO launch then we will immediately abandon the Helena side and solely focus on our new concept in order to deliver it by Mid-April. So just be clear, you are going to select one of the following options in the proposal:

  1. Launch Helena on the 8th of April and then launch Nemesis PRO at the end of April (25–30 April)
  2. Skip Helena and immediately launch Nemesis PRO in Mid-April (Around 13–15 April)

Whatever the outcome is going to be, the newly corporately organized Nemesis Team will do its best to deliver back to its investor as we already promised in our 2022 Roadmap, and we truly thank you for your great support since Day 1.
Also, from now on, our upcoming products will always be released with AssureDeFi KYC for an added layer of safety, protection, and trust among our investors. So thank you again and stay tuned.
Another ride is about to happen very soon!