How To 100x Guide

A message from our lead developer DREX

🚨 (3,3) is the idea that, if everyone cooperates and STAKES their $NMS tokens, it would generate the greatest gain for everyone including the platform itself. While BONDING is also beneficial for the player and the platform, it’s not effective as STAKING.

👉 If majority of the players can not adopt this view point, it is going to be harder to sustain current growth and it will be totally impossible to proceed further after some point.

💥 So if you want this platform to expand it’s market cap to 10-millions or even billions, the best thing you can do will be staking your coins and leave it there forever. In the meantime the team will lure new players into the platform to increase platform’s overall value.

💰 Let’s say, a new player bought tokens and you immediately sold your tokens in order to take advantage from that price increase. This action may take out both of you out of the platform and as a result it will damage everyone’s potential overall value in the long run. Not even mentioning marketing funds that turns into garbage.

☠️ While it may seem beneficial to take advantage of price increase after new players get in, you are actually killing your own potential earnings for some fractional earnings. Even this platform — sitting on 1M market cap can still make 1000x and reach to billion dollar TVL because the system already proved it’s doable. But it can only be doable with common collective mind-set regarding this staking approach.

ℹ️ Anyways, this is just an informative post to let you know of the situation because everyone will expect to continue grow like we did in past days but it’s not only on us. It is much more dependent on collective user behavior.


This is the best you can do for your earnings and for this platform. Thanks!


  1. Stake your tokens.

2. Compound earnings.

3. Be a good holder.

4. If needed take small profits without hurting the liquidity.

5. Let the team bring new people in the meantime for growth.


  1. Overall platform assets and APY will grow.

2. Holder count will grow.

3. Marketing budget will grow.

4. Stronger and stake dedicated community secures price floor.

HOW TO NOT 100x?

1 . Get your tokens.

2. Sell at first opportunity

3 . Jump to another retarded token and get rugged.

👉 NOW, it’s your part to take this further. If we can manage to maintain a loyal holder floor that keep’s staking and believing, there is no limit for where we can take this further.

🗽 RIGHT NOW, we are more stronger than ever because most of the whale wallets got dissolved during CMC — CG new listing trading fuckfest and the NMS tokens are now it’s fairest allocated state.

🏋️ SELLS were significantly declined in last couple hours and also the liquidity pool’s influence literally doubled. Currently the “LP Bond” vesting period is set to 1-day (down from 5) and it will be kept that way until liquidity value backs at least 25% of the total value.

🏄‍♂️ Contests and other type of events have important part in our schedule so we will continue making them whenever possible.

💥 We have used most of the marketing channels to the greatest extent however the diminishing return of the same methods became significant during last 8 hours therefore we should now direct our efforts to community influencers (mostly on Youtube) and starting to reach out other communities for partnerships.

ℹ️ You can find all necessary information regarding the project on our pinned posts and on our game documentation guide → so feel free to check them.

🚨 Lastly, please invite your friends to our Telegram → and Discord → channels and help us grow the community. Don’t forget to hodl tight on your tokens and keep them compounding.

👉 The more you hodl, the more we grow.
🤟 Cheers and thanks for being part of this journey.



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