CERTIK Passed!

Nemesis PRO
2 min readJan 21, 2022

Message from our lead developer DREX — 21/01/2022

🛡 We are very excited to announce that the Nemesis DAO successfully passed CertiK’s auditing process and we are now officially CertiK verified!

🏆 CertiK’s comprehensive examination of the source codes concludes that the inspected codes are well-written, performs as expected and there is no backdoor or whatsoever that poses any threat to user funds.

ℹ️ The security assessment of the CertiK results in findings that ranges from critical to informational. Proudly, none of our contracts tagged with any critical findings, and this means Nemesis DAO passed the CertiK Audit by complying highest security standards in block chain space.

In the report, CertiK points out two major findings however they are solely related with centralization concerns and in order to minimize these concerns we transferred all of the privilege roles on our contracts to Multi-Sig wallets to prevent single point of failure that could happen due to the failure of single authority who was managing the contracts. Rest of the findings were either minor or informational, and yet insignificant.

You can check the complete report from CertiK’s website https://www.certik.com/projects/nemesis-dao and poke me if you have any questions.

⚔️ I would also like to point out that, CertiK’s verification framework regarding the security of the smart contracts perfectly aligns with our most important core value which is: building one of the most transparent, fair and secure blockchain ecosystem.

This means we will continue to work with CertiK on all of our future projects and we will continue to strengthen the partnership between entities steadily.

🚨 If you are a Nemesis believer, I strongly advise you to pay close attention to the upcoming days because we are going to announce many many new updates in the manner of becoming one of the best decentralised application ecosystem.

Thank you, keep rolling your stakes and stay moooned. 🚀

Best Regards,