Arwand’s Message to New Comers!


Hello Nemesis Family,

Some highlights we want new comers to know:

  • Best time to get in as current price level is very close to backing price, ready to take off.

If you are new here and don’t know the team or project well enough, all December roadmap promises are delivered already, only partnership standing, which we spoken on AMA session that postponed those after rising phase due to initial steps need to be placed first before partnerships started.

December Goals shared on November: 

I strongly advise reading all announcements and also read AMA script as well on 📮AMA-Session: 

Lots of things are coming on January, sneak peeks are stated on announcements, AMA session, and here on chat occasionally. I again highlighting that Nemesis will be the safest OHMfork in BSC, where people can park and grow their money anytime, anywhere for years, team is working on that end, Nemesis will always be here for years and break new ATHs together with its strong community.

Hope the bigger picture is clear as this is how we look and how we will proceed. 😊✌️

Best Regards,

Arwand Madison



Safe Haven on Binance Smart Chain

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