#1 In Daily Active Wallets On All Networks!

Nemesis PRO
Jan 22, 2022

Hello everyone ☀️🙌❤️

Nemesis is now ranking at #1 in daily active wallets on all networks, passing all its competitors one by one. You may check this by searching “DAO” from below link. Also don’t forget to check by 24H, 7D, 30d, we are at #2 all around the world by active user wallets. Our new motto is “🔥Nemesis is BURNING!🔥” for next 30days, let’s use this as much as possible on all platforms, comments, your network etc. I am very proud with you guys, wanted to share with you as well after seeing this, awesome achievement and tbh, this is just the beginning 😊💪🚀🌙